Crafting a new identity

Odelune, startup beauty product line, Los Angeles, CA
brand presentation pitch for Anthropologie

Development of a new beauty product line including visual concept/brand identity, logo, packaging design, copy writing; creation of a pitch deck slide show.


The ingredients of the world affect and change us in many more ways than we believe. Chemistry, ritual and spirituality all work together when it comes to how we treat our bodies. We long for the times when these disciplines were not as bluntly separated from each other. The times when magicians, artist, healers and medicine men all spoke the same language, used the same ingredients. Odelune is a an exercise of bringing all these essences of life together, infused with the knowledge of ancient bathing and beauty rituals. Odelune’s visual language blurs the distinction between modern and antique. It collages elements from around the world and different time periods. It light-heartedly mimics the alchemy of its ingredients. It’s playful, sensual, elegant, and surprising at the same time.


Odelune presents products with ingredients related to bathing and beauty traditions of different cultures from the “4 corners” of the world. North, East, South, West. Differences are not distinct. Cultures and traditions transition geographically. They blend into each other, inspire each other, and are creating “our world of beauty”.

Visually the four directions are represented by patterns and colors related to cultures and traditions of each part of the world. They intersect. Are separate and one. It’s beautiful, elegant, poetic, harmonious.