A small business looking to rebrand

Valery Sweeny DDS, a well-established dental clinic based in Los Angeles, CA, recognized the importance of embracing a generational shift and upgrading their facilities significantly. Seeking to modernize their brand identity, they sought a new logo that would reflect their development. Addressing the urgent need to update their old signage and outdated stationary, I presented three distinct conceptual approaches, each aimed at capturing the essence of their vision.

Drawing upon keywords such as “precise, skillful, educated,” “hip with tradition,” and “classic, elegant, high quality,” I curated mood boards featuring diverse color palettes, font selections, and logo designs. Through collaborative dialogue and careful consideration, my client swiftly identified a preferred approach that resonated with her vision. Together, we refined and finalized the chosen concept, achieving a transformative new look that aligned seamlessly with Valery Sweeny DDS’s evolving identity and aspirations.